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The brand identity and logo system was created for a multimedia company, with visuals reflecting motifs of sound, technology, and craft. Presenting multiple outputs including the full logo lockup, wordmark, icons, and examples of the graphics in-use.

Strategized applications of UNICEF branding as part of the Divison of Global Communications and Advocacy to plan, propose, and produce foundational brandwork for key projects including the UNICEF 75th Anniversary and World Children’s Day. Created assets across static digital, printed, and animated media for social channels across the globe.

Team work for UNICEF 75 featured on Graphic Design USA and multiple accredited design sites.

Designing dynamic visuals and seamless interactions for StrongArm's growing brand, leveraging data and storytelling to champion the Industrial Athlete™.

How can we use 5G to transform retail banking for consumers?

To help answer this question, our team created an MVP that aims to leverage 5G networks to connect users to personalized, digitized, and streamlined financial advisors.

See the featured wireframe of our Virtual Teller product, and view the deck below for the full ideation process, experimentation, and product narrative.

How might we help transit agencies increase ridership and customer engagement while managing operational costs?

To help answer this question, our team created ARIVA, an app that takes multiple locations in NYC along with a small number of selection preferences to provide users with: a central place to meet "in the middle" with friends, suggestions for food and activity, and a centralized decision-making hub.

As the lead designer I spearheaded UI design and branding, working on wireframes and front-end code in building our MVP.

Interactive and abstract canvas displaying the live humidity and wind speed statistics in 10 different cities. Built using OpenWeatherMap API.

Conceptual campaign rebranding for the Council of Korean Americans. Outputs include a complete digital and print brand guide, wordmark, website re-design, stickers, and wearables.

Graphic and web design projects created at the Council on Foreign Relations. Worked collaboratively with the marketing and editorial teams to create social media assets, web and print advertisements for the Foreign Affairs publication.

Inspired by children's learning cards and collectible postcards. Set of 9 cards featuring type specimen and guidelines on one side and a poster puzzle on the flip side. Wrapped in a graphic poster featuring the full alphabet, symbols, and glyphs.

The chalaza (noun) is composed of two twisted membranous strips which join the yolk to the ends of the shell. A publication of curated texts and image dedicated to the egg and the greater implications of its form.

A 30 day calendar of tearable, customizable cards for commuters to creatively track bus conditions. Created as an homage to the NJ Transit monthly bus pass, the series incorporates shifting guilloche patterns across the design.

Goose is a travel brand ideated and executed to fill a market gap for Gen X. Applications include desktop site and mobile app, printable itinerary, postcards, luggage accessories, etc.

Goose provides effortless vacation planning for you to finally indulge in the break you’ve always deserved. Our personalized travel planner syncs prioritizes your timeline to curate an itinerary that just makes sense. It’s seamless, refined, and a moment just for you.

A series of eight poster-pamphlets inspired by El Lissitzky's "Topography of Typography". An experiment with typography as expressed over multiple iterations within a single framework.

Interstate commuters pass through the Port Authority Bus Terminal every day, simultaneously playing the roles of both spectator and participant in this space. This collection looks at an unorthodox piece of the puzzle— the wandering pigeons of Port Authority, and analyzes their bizarre presence as documented through social media. In their daily travels, human commuters become part of the traffic and experience a shared passage of time with the birds that they watch. The pigeons’ identities and movement patterns are re- contextualized, leaving it up to the viewer’s eye to see them as either elements of or invaders of this landscape.

Great philosophers and surrealist thinkers have always challenged consciousness and composition through the practices of prose and thought, form and aesthetic. Working within the discipline of graphic design, I co-opted the agenda of André Breton’s 1920’s Surrealist manifesto to explore these ideas through unusual juxtapositions.

For this thesis I have curated and juxtaposed various surrealist works with the composite experimentations I conducted, as well as with a pictographic typeface I created. Through these outcomes, I aim to deconstruct these polarities and perhaps find something interesting – perhaps even humorous, in the grey areas between them.

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