The Chance Encounter of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella on an Operating Table

Great philosophers and surrealist thinkers have always challenged consciousness and composition through the practices of prose and thought, form and aesthetic. Working within the discipline of graphic design, I co-opted the agenda of André Breton’s 1920’s Surrealist manifesto to explore these ideas through unusual juxtapositions.
I have curated and juxtaposed various artistic works with the composite experimentations I conducted. Through these outcomes, I aim to deconstruct these polarities and perhaps find something interesting – perhaps even humorous, in the grey areas between them.
This process also led to the creation of a pictographic typeface, with multiple variations using some of the found objects from the experiments. These letterforms are used throughout my collection of experiments as both a visual accent and a nod to the greater theme of surrealist thinking.
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